Sri Sankarapuram Mahaperiayava Agnihotrigal Gurukula Gramam

Namaskaram, Welcome to Sri Sankarapuram.

Sri Sankarapuram Mahaperiayava Agnihotrigal Gurukula Gramam also known as SSMAGG

Here are some details about the project for your reference.

Sri Sankarapuram is a vedic village, in kadiramangalam, about 15km from Mayiladuthurai, Tamilnadu. The prime objective is veda samrakshanam, agni samrakshanam and gho samrakshanam for loka kshemam.

The village is being developed over 100 acers of land, which houses 108 agnihotris and 200+ grahastas for doing kainkaryam. There is a huge temple for kanchi mahaperiyava with 127 tall rajagopuram, pushkarani and temples for ganapathi, rama, shiva and kamakshi.

Sri Vaishnavi Trust, founded by Advoce Shri Venkatasubramnian, affectionately called as Shri Vakkil Anna, is developing the village. Vakkil anna is moving to this village in June this year.

There are about 12,000 members for sri sankarapuram in whatsapp group, through which progress of the project is communicated periodically, along with various aspects of sanathana dharma, and kainkaryam details.

Sri Sankarapuram is much more than a vedic village, it is a movement to create awareness about sanathana dharma. There are various ongoing kainkaryams like,
1. rama namavali – 130 crores – 1,20,500 notebooks for writing
2. contribution towards lighting lamp in 126 pracheena siva temples
3. hundi for agni samkrakshanam
4. gho samrakshanam
5. athithi bhojanam
6. jadaka parivarthanai (horoscope)
7. conducting functions in sri sankarapuram for ayushya homam, upanayanam, sashtiapthapoorthi, bheemarathashanti, shatabhishekam, 5 day vivaham for those who are willing to conduct as per dharma sastra

We are working towards inducting one lakh members, and kindly request to join the whatsapp group, there is no financial commitment. We also kindly request you to help us spread the information to your near and dear in the community circle.

You can either contact the phone numbers provided below, or sign-up for whatsapp group through link mentioned under the attachments section below.

0. *Sri Sankarapuram : Oru Latchiyam Oru Lakshyam* :
1. *About Sri sankarapuram Project – by Sri.K.Venkatasubramanian*

2. *About Sri sankarapuram Project – by Sri.Ganesh Sharma*

3. *Project Introduction by Smt Revathi Sankaran*

4. *Sahasra Bojanam – 2013*

5. *Tranformed by Deivathin kural – Advocate Shri. K. Venkatasubramanian*

6. *Appeal for one lakh membership – Shri Vakkil Anna*

7. *Sri Sankarapuram – A Short film*

8. *Sri Sankarapuram history – Shri Vakkil Anna*

9. *Naming of Sri Sankarapuram – A Background – Shri Vakkil Anna*


1. *Sankarapuram-Pamphlet.pdf-> About the project*
a. *Tamil*:
b. *English*:
2, *donor_details.pdf* -> This needs to be sent to Sri Vaishnavi Trust address with contribution details for pattayam
3. *Link for joining sri sankarapuram SSMAGG whatsapp group*

Songs on Sri Sankarapuram
1. *Sankarapuram chandrasekharam by Kum Haripriya*

2. *Sankarapuram suprabhatam by Dr. R. Ganesh*

3. *Sankarapurathirku varungal by Smt Jyothi Ashok*

4. *Annai mahalakshmiyin (unjal song) by Kum. Haripriya*

Project Address:

Sri Vaishnavi Trust,
No.28 Koothanur village,
(Near Vana Durga Temple),
Thiruvidaimaruthur Taluk, Tanjore 609 804

Sri Vaishnavi Trust
Flat No.402, IV Floor, Lancor Court Yard, Ramnagar III Main Road,
Nanganallur, Chennai 600 061.

Contact details:
98-410-32959 / 95-519-04210
98-406-54026 / 98-406-22236
98-403-77277 / 98-684-23215
98-452-44883 / 96-772-39848
94-440-21249 / 98-841-89644


Youtube Channel:

Facebook Page:

Android App:

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