Kakkaserri – what does it mean? – Story


About one week back I was watering mud pot plants in the first floor of my home. Suddenly I found a crow drinking water from the mud pot watered. It was followed by another 5 crows drinking from same mud pot.

Next day my wife noted crows drinking remaining water from portico after cleaning with water.

She felt to keep water in a bowl and kept in portico. But the crows interested to drink water from portico after cleaning.

I suggested keeping the bowl in the gate wall where we feed biscuit bits daily morning and evening to crows.

The crows do not quarrel. First one crows and other crows too come and sit on either the electric line nearby or on the grill work in the first floor. They have a priority. Accordingly they come and take 2-3 biscuit bits. They ensure there are bits for the last crow to eat. After keeping water on wall , the crows felt thirsty started to drink water from the bowl.

Last three days we have a special observation. A particular crow takes the biscuit bits in beak, dips in water and eats. Not a single bit it eats without dipping in water. This was first observed by my wife. I just said to her you are like Kakkaseeri. She raised her eye brow and asked- What is kakkasseri? I told her the story of Kakksseri Bhattathiri in two lines. He could identify the crows and understand their talking. He could talk to them.

I read about Kakksseri Bhattathiri in my boyhood days from Eithihyamala by Kottarathil Sankunni (variar) and later forgot. How much one can keep in memory?

About 5 or 6 years back while the groups were very active Mr Sivam Perinkulam wrote about Kakkassery in an incident or from his imagination. I have also retold in my one or two postings later the same . For those who missed or to those who like to refresh, the story /incident I am writing below from my memory:-

A well knowledgeable Palght iyer scientist worked in India retired two years ago conducted marriage of his learnt son working in the US as scientist with a Palght well studied girl. Son took his wife to US and after a few months both decided inviting parents to US. Father accepted invitation and reached with mami in US and eagerly waiting on and daughter in law took them to their flat.

Comfortable days passed as minutes. He found his son a busy scientist coming late home and start early. He felt proud of his son. While performing sandhya one day father felt doubt about his son- Whether he performs sandhya as in Palghat.. He observed and found son is not performing sandhya.

After two days he decided to ask son who was hurrying to office in the morning – Are you are not performing sandhya? Son smiled and told- Appa, I am Kakkasseri.

Iyer could not make out what his son said. Mami kept Tiffin as usual. Iyer just like that ate a part. Mami asked- Are you not well? Not eating. Iyer could not eat meals also as usual.

Iyer was disturbed not able to make out what his son said and left. Night he came very late. Iyer felt it was not appropriate to ask at that time. Iyer could not get sleep. He was an admired scientist for his knowledge and skill. He took dictionary, some books, not able to make out what his son said

Next day to get a relief he asked mami- Endi unakku kakkaseri enna ennannu theriyuma? )Do you know what kakkasseri is)

Mami replied thinking in a different manner- Eanna, Enakku, PUlisseri, Erusserinna theriyum, veikkava?(I know dishes Pulisseri and Erusseri- shall I prepare?) kakkassernna enakku enna theriyum(I don’t know Kakkasseri)

No use of further asking her. He decided to ask son on that evening. Son came, told father- Tomorrow my colleague from home Nampoothiri is coming- He desire to see all. We will prepare good meals- I am tired and left for his room. Father too knew Nampoothiri.

Father decided to ask Nampoothiri and slept on that day. Mami felt somewhat happy. Nampoothiri came by 10 AM chewing pan and wished father. After formal talks he asked nampoothiri- Who is Kakkasseri?

Nampoothiri said- He is our ancestor. Though he was well knowledgeable Bhattathiri, he was not orthodox. He knew the language of crows and could identify them and talk to them. Hence got famous as Kakkasseri. He never performed Sandhya. According to him sun was stationary. There was no sun rise or sun set. Sun did not move.

Happa- Father got relieved of his disturbing in mind. He relished all foods served in the meals. He understood what his son meant by telling I am Kakkasseri.

Posted by R. Gopala Krishnan on 30-3-2020

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