Krishna is the only medicine

व्यामोहप्रशमौषधं मुनिमनोवृत्तिप्रवृत्यौषधम्
दैत्येन्द्रार्तिहरौषधं त्रिजगतां सञ्जीवनैकौषधम् ।
भक्तात्यन्तहितौषधं भवभयप्रध्वंसनैकौषधं
श्रेयप्राप्तिकरौषधं पिब मनः श्रीकृष्ण दिव्यौषधम्॥

O Mind! Drink the divine medicine Krishna
which removes all delusions,
which inspires the minds of sages,
which saves Prahlada from all his trials and tribulations,
which gives life to the three worlds,
which does immense good to the devotees and
which is the only remedy to ward off the fear of samsara.

– From Mukunda mala

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