Lawyer – Why is he called vakeel in sanskrit?

Courtesy: Sri.Ramesh Deshpande

वक्तृत्वं सुंदरं यस्य कीर्तिर्यस्य भुवस्तले ।
लक्ष्यं च सर्वकार्येषु स वै वकील इति स्मृतं ॥

The poet is playing with words here while defining the characteristics of a lawyer – वकील in Sanskrit – when he says that he is the one who is proficient in elocution (वक्तृत्वं), reputation (कीर्ति) and focus on the objective (लक्ष्यं) and hence by combining the first three alphabets of these three essential qualities, he is called वकील – a lawyer!

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