Krishna and Lalitha are one and the same

Courtesy:Smt.Saroja Ramanujam

krishna and Lalitha are one and the same .

. kodhandam aikshavam akhandam ishum cha poushpam
chakraabja paasa srNi kaanchana vamsanaaLam
bibraaNam ashtaviDha baahubhiH arkavarNam
Dhyaayeth harim madhanagopa vilaasa vesham

Krishna karnamrtha Asvasa 3 sloka 104

Lord Hari should be meditated upon as Madhanagopala,

Dhyaayeth harim madhanagopa vilaasa vesham,

wearing in his eight arms, ashtaviDha baahubhiH,

the bow of sugarcane, kodhandam aikshavam strong and


the arrow of flowers, ishum cha poushpam

,chakraabja paasa srNi kaanchana vamsanaaLam

the chakra, shankha, paasa, ankusa and golden flute, , and his hue red like the rising sun,. arkavarNam.

This is the portrait of Krishna as Gopalasundharee

The gopalasundharee manthra gives this description in the dhyana sloka, where Gopala is meditated as Gopalasundharee, who is found in the kalpaka forest in the milky ocean, in a gem studded hall, on sripeeTa, and holds shankha, chakra, bow of sugarcane, ankuSa, paaSa, veena,and flute and shining with a red hue that illumines the whole world and surrounded and praised by Brahma and others.

Gopalasundharee yanthra is the combined manthra of the ashtaadhaSaaksharee manthra of rajagopaala and the panchadhaSaaksharee of LalithaaparameSvaree and in it both Lalitha and Krishna are meditated as one form

.’kadhaachith lalitheSaanee pumroopaa Krishna vigrahaa,’ sometimes Sri Lalitha appears as Krishna.

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