Kalhaara pushpam


Kalhara (Sanskrit: कल्हार)

Nymphaeaceae (waterlily family) » Nymphaea sp.

NIM-fee-uh or nim-FAY-uh — from the Greek mythology nymphaia (water goddess)

commonly known as: water lily • Bengali: সুঁদি sundi • Hindi: कुमुद kumuda • Kannada: ಕುಮುದ kumuda • Kashmiri: कल्हारपुष्पम् kalharpushpam • Konkani: साळुक saluka • Malayalam: aambal • Manipuri: tharo • Marathi: कोयकमळ koyakamala • Sanskrit: कल्हार kalhara • Tamil: பெரியாம்பல் periyampal • Telugu: కువలయము kuvalayamu​

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