Free stay for brahmins at Hyderabad

Namaskarams to TT Brahmin Friends

One small request

Inform to all States Brahmins

If any Brahmins comes to Hyderabad

They have to visit "Brahmin Bhavan" and they can take their Tiffin or Lunch or Dinner
If essential they can
stay at Bhavan without any fees.

They need to inform one or two days before their visit in Hyderabad .

We can arrange as per their requirements

With Namaskarams

Your Giriprasad Sharama
@ Bharata Brahmana Samsthan
Mobile no 9908496399

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2 Responses to Free stay for brahmins at Hyderabad

  1. parthasarathy Iyengar says:

    please furnish the address, contact person mobile nos, email id etc, which will be very useful to brahmins who are visiting Hyderabad especially for those who r very orthodex and do not take food outside on Maasapirappu, Ammavasai, Egadesi etc. The food may be prepared without onion and Garlic. Accomodation and food may be served at subsidy or donations may be accepted.

  2. knramesh says:

    Kindly contact the person in his mobile

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