Sri Nrusimha Jayanti (9/May/2017) – Rare Narayanashtakam From Nrusimha Puranam

Courtesy:Sri.K.Muralidharan Iyengar

Dear All,

Greetings and Namaste. As Sri. Nrusimha Jayanti falls on Tuesday (9/May/2017), I am delighted to attach a rare 8-stanza (Ashtakam) taken from Nrusimha Puranam and Chapter 8 which delineates the story of Sage Markandeya.

As instructed by Vag, Sage Markandeya completed bathing in all holy places but still could not get the divine vision of Lord Narayana. Feeling dejected, he prayed to Vag once again who gave this hymn mentioning that this hymn gave the benefit of bathing in all holy places. Sage Markandeya then prayed with this hymn with full deviton followed by his own prayer (which appear in prose form at the end). Pleased with this, Lord Narayna bestowed both long life and divine vision of his cosmic form.

Actually there is yet another hymn by Sage Markandeya in the preceding chapter (which I shared a few years ago) and this is a continuation of the same.

May We Pray To Lord Nrusimha on Nrusimha Jayanti day with this rare hymn and beget the benefit of bathing in all holy places.







Narayanashtakam-Nrusimha Puranam.pdf

Narayanashtakam-Nrusimha Puranam – ENG.pdf

Narayanashtakam-Nrusimha Puranam – KAN.pdf

Narayanashtakam-Nrusimha Puranam – TEL.pdf

Narayanashtakam-Nrusimha Puranam – MAL.pdf

Narayanashtakam-Nrusimha Puranam – TAM.pdf

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