SRI AMARANATHA MAHATMYAM is a rare find of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham. This work describes inter alia the various kshetras and tirthas to be worshipped en route to the celebrated Amaranath Lingam as part of the holy Yatra. Stories bringing out the significant association of these sacred spots with Siva, Sivaganas, Devi, Ganapathi and Vishnu are recounted in a gripping manner. Stotras in praise of Siva, Devi, Ganapathi and Vishnu, occurring in the narrative are beautiful. The book concludes by saying:“By performing yatra in this manner of the sacred Amaranatha, one attains Mukti without (tough efforts like) control of sense organs. After enjoying happiness in this world, he attains to Sayujyam (merger with Siva) at the end.”

The book, with translations in English and Tamil, was just released by Pujyasri Bala Periyaval on Sankara Jayanthi Day, 30th April 2017.

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Amaranatha Mahatmyam-Sanskrit-English-Tamil-24.4.2017.pdf

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