Avoiding divorce – Periyavaa

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Periyava’s Strange Directive!

On most of the occasions, the impact of Periyava’s Love for others is not revealed openly by Him. Once SriCharanar, deviated from that, and openly directed SriMatham Balu Mama to do some thing. Sri Balu Mama narrates this incident:

While camping at Sholapur, one evening, He called Balu Mama and said. “….go to his house, take his daughter and leave her in her husband’s home…"

Balu Mama was stunned!

That particular person whom Periyava mentioned was a staunch devotee of Periyava, and belonged to the Vysya community; a large family, and his daughter had come back from her husband’s home due to difference of opinion and had been living with her parents, since. But nobody seems to have informed Periyava about this, and still He gave such an instruction!

‘What is this strange order? Can we interfere in some one’s family matter, and take his daughter and leave her in her husband’s house? Is it proper?’ thought Balu Mama. Although His attendants obeyed some of Periyava’s strange orders without asking questions, Balu Mama hesitated at this one!

Realizing his predicament and to support him, Periyava said, “Take Brahmachari Ramakrishnan also with you and go…"

They went to that house and informed him of His instructions to them…

They started crying after hearing this! It was akin to nurturing a parrot and feeding it to the cat.

But, because of their faith and love in Periyava, they cleared their mind. They realized that there must be some meaning in it if Periyava Himself, instructed them that way. They agreed to send their daughter with them.

The lady was as hesitant to go to her husband’s house as the attendants were, when they came to her parents’ house! However, she left immediately as it was Periyava’s instruction.

Not knowing what the outcome would be there, the trio went to her husband’s home.

Did they have a pleasant surprise, when they were welcomed there with joy!

Her husband received her happily and promised to have her there.

What Power could achieve this happy re-union, but Periyava’s Power of Love?

Source: Sankarar Endra Sangeetham (Tamil)
Author: Sri Ra. Ganapathy

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