How Chitra became sakhi of Radha ? _ radharani stories

The Divine Leela of Chitra Sakhi

King Vrishabhanu’s son Sridama is an intimate friend of Bala Gopal. Sridama one day requested Gopal to give him his (Gopal’s) portrait so that he continue to see him at home during night after returning from grassfields alongwith cows and calves. Everyday when he met Gopal in the grass fields he repeated the request. One day Bala Gopal sat near his mother Yasoda and sweetly asked Her, "I want my picture immediately. Sridama is asking me for it everyday" Yasodaji said, "Kaanha, when you are very much here before us why does he need your picture? "Amma, he wants to keep it with him during night. He said it gives him the feeling that I am with him during nights also. He wants to be with me night time also" said Kaanha. Sreedama’s tender feelings towards Bala Gopal moved Yasodaji. Next day she met the famous artist of Vraj-Chitra Devi. She wants to give the job of drawing the Kaanha’s picture to her. But Chitraji who is spinster and a yogini declined see a male person. Yasoda said that her son is small kid and is very innocent. Chitraji agreed to see the boy at Yasoda’s House. Chitraji is an artist of rare ingenuity and she is also a devotee of Goddess Saraswati. Merely by watching a person she can draw his picture immaculately. Her genius is well-known in the Vraj.

She gazed at Bala Gopal few moments and went back to her house. The versatile artist Chitraji could not capture the image of boy Krishna within her sharp mind. Any number of attempts became futile. Chitraji meditated on her Deity Goddess Saraswathi. When she appeared before Chitraji prayed for energy to draw the Boy’s picture. Mother Saraswati replied "Chitra, it is beyond my shakthi to bless you what you want. You do not know who this boy is. He is none other than Paratpara Purushothama (Supreme Lord) who is not accessible even to Gods like Brahma, Rudra and the like. With Grace of Sri Radhaji alone you would be able to visualize the image of the Boy Krishna-the most charming boy in the Vrindavan. Goddess Saraswati disappeared.

Later Chitraji meditated on Sri Radhaji. Her penance culminated with the transcendental appearance of Radhaji. With Her blessings Chitraji drew the image of the most charming boy of the universes and gave it to Yasodaji.

But Chitraji’s mind was captivated by the Supernatural Divine Form of Sriji. Her life is filled with Divine Bhaav (feeling of separation and love) of Radhaji. Chitraji’s devotional love and intense feeling of separation attracted Radhaji. Radhaji told her, "I am pleased by your love and feeling of separation. You will be my Sakhi henceforth". Thus Chitra Devi reached the abode of Radhaji (Rasa Brindavan) as one of the eight Sakhis.

Radhey Radhey

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