Radha Stotram

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Radha Stotram

Krsna Dvaipayana Vyasa has written this song "Grhe Radha Vane Radha”. The official name of this song is Radha Stotram. This song is taken from the book Brahmanda Purana. This is a beautiful glorification of Srimati Radharani and whoever lovingly recites this prayer will become attracted to the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani and Lord Krishna.

Grhe radha vane radha radha prsthe purah sthita
Yatra yatra sthita radha radhaivaradhyate maya

(Radha is in the home, Radha is in the forest, and She is both behind and before me. I worship the all-pervading Radhaji, wherever She is present.)

Jihva radha srutau radha radha netre hrdi sthita
Sarvanga-vyapini radha radhaivaradhyate maya

(Radha is on my tongue, Radha is in my ears, Radha is in my eyes and inside my heart. I worship Radhaji, who is within the bodies of all.)

Puja radha japo radha radhika cabhivandane
Smrtau radha siro radha radhaivaradhyate maya

(Radha is in my puja, Radha is in my mantra-japa, Radha is in my prayers, Radha is in my memory, and Radha is in my head – I worship that Radhaji.)

Gane radha gune radha radhika bhojane gatau
Ratrau radha diva radha radhaivaradhyate maya

(Whenever I sing, I sing about the qualities of Radha, everything I eat is Radha’s prasada, wherever I go I always remember Radha, Radha is in the night, Radha is in the day – I worship that Radhaji.)

Madhurye madhura radha mahattve radhika guruh
Saundarye sundari radha radhaivaradhyate maya

(Radha is the sweetness within anything that is sweet; of anything that is important, Radha is the most important; and of everything that is beautiful, Radha is the supreme beauty – I worship that Radhaji.)

to be continued. . .

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Radha rasa-sudha-sindhu radha saubhagya-manjari
Radha vrajangana-mukhya radhaivaradhyate maya

(Radha is an ocean of nectarean rasa, Radha is the flower-bud of all good fortune, Radha is the foremost gopi of Vraja – I worship that Radhaji.)

Radha padmanana padma padmodbhava-supujita
Padme vivecita radha radhaivaradhyate maya

(Because Radha’s face is like a spotless lotus flower, She is known as Padma. She is worshiped by Brahma who appeared on the lotus emanating from Visnu’s navel, and when She was first discovered by Her father, She was resting upon a lotus – I worship that Radhaji.)

Radha krsnatmika nityam krsno radhatmako dhruvam
Vrndavanesvari radha radhaivaradhyate maya

(Radha is eternally immersed in Sri Krsna, Krsna is certainly always immersed in Radha, and Radha is the queen of Vrndavana – I worship that Radhaji.)

Jihvagre radhika-nama netragre radhika-tanuh
Karne ca radhika-kirtir manase radhika sada

(Radha’s name is on the tip of my tongue, Radha’s beautiful form is always before my eyes, descriptions of Radha’s fame are always in my ears, and Radha always resides in my mind.)

Krsnena pathitam stotram radhika-pritaye param
Yah pathet prayato nityam radha-krsnantigo bhavet

(Whoever regularly recites with great care this prayer spoken by Sri Krsna will attain loving service for the feet of Sri Radha-Krsna.)

Aradhita-manah krsno radharadhita-manasah
Krsnakrsta-mana radha radha-krsneti yah pathet

(Srimati Radhika worships Sri Krsna in Her heart and mind, and Krsna worships Srimati Radhika in His heart and mind; Sri Krsna attracts Radhika’s heart and mind, and Radhika attracts Krsna’s heart and mind. Whoever lovingly recites this prayer will become similarly attracted to the lotus feet of Sri Radha-Krsna.)

राधे राधे !

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