*Bhasmasur- A Vedantic twist*

*Bhasmasur- A Vedantic twist*

We all know the story of Bhasmasur who got a boon from Shiva that he could reduce anything he touched into ash. He got so powerful that he tried to use it on Shiva Himself but Shiva ran away. Vishnu appeared as Mohini and charmed him. She tricked him into copying her dance and eventually he used his power on himself and made himself into ashes which Shiva then rubbed onto his body as Vibhooti.

The Intellect (Bhasmasur) derives it’s power from the Self (Shiva). It’s primary job is to reduce everything into a concept (ashes). It works wonderfully in the world making a sharp Intellect very powerful. In its arrogance it tries to make Brahman itself into a concept. Try as hard as it may, the Self eludes it’s grasp. The Guru (Vishnu) takes the form of practices or sadhana (Mohini) which appeals to the Intellect. The Intellect gets impressed and tries to follow the Guru. Eventually the Guru uses intellectual logic to make it clear that it’s own existence is an illusion and destroys it. Such an Intellect becomes one with the Self and then becomes His divine glory (vibhooti).

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