C P Ramaswamy Iyer – Sanskrit Joke

सी.पी.रामस्वामि अय्यर् महोदय: न्याय वादं कृत्वा प्रचलित न्यायवादी अभूवन् | ते प्रायुध्य 300 संभवाधिके विजयं प्राप्नुवन् | तेभ्य: चेन्नै उच्छ न्यायधीश पदवीं अभ्युद्यत | परन्तु ते तत् पदवीं न अङ्गीकृतवन् |

ते एतत् कारणम् उक्तवन्त: –
यदहं न्यायाधीश: भूत्वा उपविश्य षट् घण्टे असत्यानि श्रुत्वा सम्पादयामि ततोऽपि अधिकं अहं सार्धघण्टे असत्यं उक्त्वा संपादयिष्यामि इति |

C. P. practiced law on his own and made a reputation as a lawyer.[13] He fought and won over 300 cases[13]
and was offered a judgeship of the Madras High Court which he, however, turned down.

What I remember –

I had heard that when the post of a judge was offered to him he said =

I earn enough as a lawyer by telling lies for half an hour, more than what I would earn as a judge by
hearing lies for six hours.

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