Rata Saptami (03-Feb-2017) – Rare Surya Saptakam From Skanda Puranam

Courtesy:sri.K.Muralidharan Iyengar

Dear All,

Greetings and Namaste.

As tomorrow (03-Feb-2017, Friday) is the auspicious Rata Saptami, I am delighted to share a rare Saptakam (7-stanza hymn) on Lord Surya taken from Skanda Puranam, Vaishnava Khanda, Ayodhya Mahatmyam, and Chapter 7 titled Ghosharka Kunda Mahatmyam. Lord Surya assures that one who worships him with this hymn will see all their rightful wishes fulfilled.

May We Pray To Lord Surya with this hymn on Rata Saptami day!







Surya Saptakam-Skanda Puranam – ENG.pdf

Surya Saptakam-Skanda Puranam – KAN.pdf

Surya Saptakam-Skanda Puranam – TEL.pdf

Surya Saptakam-Skanda Puranam – MAL.pdf

Surya Saptakam-Skanda Puranam – TAM.pdf

Surya Saptakam-Skanda Puranam.pdf

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