SANNYASANA – [Sanskrit] – [nyasa] renunciation; abandonment. A member of the
sannyasa order is known as a sannyasin (male) or sannyasini (female); one who
abandons or resigns from worldy affairs. Brahman in the fourth order.
Commentary from Swami Sivananda –
Who is a Sannyasin?

A Sannyasin has a different angle of vision of the worldly affairs, looking upon
everything from an absolutely different point of view. Just as the man who wears
green spectacles sees green objects everywhere, so also a Sannyasin/Jnani sees
the Atman everywhere through his new eye of wisdom. There is absolutely no
personal element in him. He has not a bit of selfish interest. The lower self is
completely annihilated. He lives for serving all. He feels the world as his own
Self. He actually feels that all is himself only. There is not a single thought
or feeling for his personal little self. He has cosmic vision and cosmic
feeling. Just as the river has joined the ocean, he has joined the ocean of
bliss, knowledge and consciousness. He thinks and feels and works for others.

A Sannyasin is absolutely free from worries, difficulties, troubles, tribulations,
sorrow and anxieties under any circumstance or condition. He is always cheerful
and happy. He is not a slave or victim of different moods. He is not moved a bit
by sorrow, grief or persecution.

A Sannyasin has got all-round development. He has spotless or unblemished
character. All sattwic virtues shine in him. He is an embodiment of mercy,
sympathy, love, patience, serenity, etc. He has high qualities. The whole nature
has been perfectly unfolded. All divine attributes are fully awakened in

The life of Jesus shows how a real Sannyasin will behave. A Sannyasin is a very
good and extremely virtuous person, with no attachment to the world. He may live
in the forest or in the city. He will always be thinking of God and of the
welfare of other people. He will keep his mind and heart quite pure. He is
without anger, without hatred, is truthful and kind. He wants no luxuries but
just enough food to keep him alive. He wears very simple dress. He has no family
and children and property. Yet he is extremely happy. He is wise and virtuous.
He possesses divine qualities such as mercy, universal love, truthfulness,
purity. He has control over his mind and senses. He is free from anger, lust,
greed, pride, jealousy. He loves all. He always prays and meditates. He never
does any harm to anybody. People respect and adore him.

Complete glossary can be found at:

Where is God? Look within.
-Sri Swami Sivananda

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