11th pasuram

Courtesy:Smt.Saroja Ramanujam

Pasuram 11

kattrukkaravai kaNanghaL palakarandhu
chettrAr thiralaziya senrucheruccheyyum
kuttramonrillAdha kOvqlartham porkodiyE
puttraravalgul punmayilE pOdharAi
suttratthu thOzimAr yavarum vandhu nin
muttram pugundhu mugilvaNNan pEr pAda
sittrAdhE pEsAdhE selvappendAtti nee
yettrukkurangum poruL ElO rempavai
11. கற்றுக் கறவை
கற்றுக் கறவைக் கணங்கள் பலகறந்து
செற்றார் திறலழியச் சென்று செருச்செய்யும்
குற்றம் ஒன்றில்லாத கோவலர்த்தம் பொற்கொடியே!
புற்றுஅரவு அல்குல் புனமயிலே! போதராய்
சுற்றத்து தோழிமார் யாவரும் வந்து நின்
முற்றம் புகுந்து முகில் வண்ணன் பேர்பாட
சிற்றாதே பேசாதே செல்வ பெண்டாட்டி! நீ
எற்றுக்கு உறங்கும் பொருளேலோர் எம்பாவாய்.

“I see that now is the time to milk the cows, “said the Lord, “ you rightly said, ‘katrukkaravai kaNangaL pala kaRandhu,’ because there were a multitude of cows in AyarpAdi. Milk used to be abundant and overflowing but the cows are to be milked in order to reduce their heaviness owing to carrying a lot of milk. Also the cowherds do the milking as an exercise for their limbs to make them fight-worthy to conquer their enemies, as you said ‘setraar thiRala azhiya senru seruccheeyyum’”
“ But who were the enemies of gopas, “said Andal, “Only those who act against you and your devotees. In that sense ‘kuttram onRillaadha kOvalar’ in as much as they are pure hearted .”
“The girl you seem to awaken here is the daughter of such a valorous one , beautiful like a goldencreeper, poRkodi, having long tresses land graceful like peacock?” , asked Krishna,” it is beautiful that the snake and the peacock are found in the same place! “
“poRkodi,” said Andal “ is the devotee like a creeper who winds round you for his support , a prapanna whereas putraRavalgul punmayil , is the paramaikaanthi, who is compared to the serpent in its abode as he will not display his knowledge or greatness and like the peacock which dances on seeing the rain-cloud he will dance at the sight of the You.”
“Yes,said the Lord, “ this reminds me of Bhoodhatthaazvaar who styles himself as a creeper in his work and the term kuttramonrillAdha may refer to all the three mudhalAzvars, viz.bhoothattthAzvar, pEyAzvAr and poigai AzvAr who did not have mortal birth but were found as such and suRRatthu thOzhimaar will be the other two who along with him sang my glory , ‘muRRam pugundhu’, in the same passageway in Thirukkovilur, which made me appear before them.”
“Then,” said Devi, “ they became selvapendaatti to you who takes care of the prapanna who is like your dear wife , when tnhey become occupied with the sole thought of you , not bothering about anything else, siRRaadhe pESaadhE”
The Lord said, “Once surrendered to me it becomes my responsibility to protect you. When you never worry about your birth or death why should you worry about the intermediate stage of sustenance?”

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