Thiruppavai pasuram1

MargaziththingLl madhi niraindha nannaaLal
NeeraadappOdhuveer pOdhumino nerizaiyeer
Seer malgum aaippaadi selvasirumeergaaL
Koorvel kodunthozilan nandagopan kumaran
EraandhakaNNi yasodhai iLam singam
KaarmenichchengaNN kadhirmadhiyam pOl mugaththaan
NarayaNane namakke parai tharuvaan
PaarOr pugaza padindhelOrempaavai

Andal is married to Ranganatha and back in vaikunta as Bhoodevi. The Lord wished to hear her Thiruppavai again and started conversing with her.
“My dear why did you choose the month of Margazhi to sing the Thiruppavai/?”
“My Lord as if you do not know ? Haven’t you said I am the Margasirshaa among the months? Moreover among your twelve names Kesava is the name for margazhi.
What is so special about it you ask? Ka is Brahma , isa is Siva and you are the one who has both in your control being Narayana, the parabrahman. Ka, esa and va denotes one who has them in His vasa.”
“Oh! Moreover Margazhi is the month which denotes the small hours of the morning for the devas” said the Lord .
Godha replied, “Moreover this month has the seed of the rain for the next year. For these reasons the month is very sacred and any austerities undertaken in this month fructify soon.”
Lord laughed and said “Typical of you who is the Goddess of earth.. But why did you say madhiniRaindha nanaaal to denote the first day of the month? What if it turns out to be other than full moon day?”
Godha said, “ When you are in the heart are not all the days are full moon days?
Did you think that I called the girls simply to take bath by saying neeraadappOdhuveer? Neeraadal is the union with you which is what we had in mind.”
“But,” said the Lord you are born in Brahmin family and you said aayyppaadi selva chiruumeergaaL?”
“Yes, we are all affluent girls of Gokulam since you are in our minds , wealth of towards you which alone is eternal while all the other wealth is fleeting and transitory. When the apsara women became cowherds to be with you as Krishna why not Brahmin girls be so? When you are Krishna all are gopis . “
The Lord next said , “My father in my Krishnavathara was a mild man and you referred to him as koorvEl kodunthozhilan. Is it fair?’
“You know very well my Lord that even though soft by nature became terrible ready to attack those who wanted to harm you as Krishna. A cow is soft by nature but will it not be ready even to attack a tiger to save its calf? “
“But anyway I am happy to hear you describe my mother Yasodha as EraarndhakanNi, meaning means that she has lovely wide eyes .”
“ It was so by looking at you all the time , Krishna , but the word describes you too as Eraarndha kaNNi means the vyjayanthi mala worn by you, said Godha, and then I was carried away by your beauty and valour and which made n me describe you as yasodhsai iLam singam, kaarmEnicchengaN kadhir madhiyam pOl mugatthaan.”
The Lord smiled and said, “While you described me as nandhagopan kumaran earlier you said yasodhai iLam singam here .”
“Yes “ said Devi, “ When with your father you were a young boy was obedient and docile to your father while you asserted yopurself like a lion cub when you were with your mother through her indulgence.”
“ Do you know why I said ‘kaarmEnicchengaN ,dark body like a raincloud and red eyes? You are like the rain bearing cloud with shower of mercy towards your devotees like the life giving rain to the world . And your face like kadhirmadhiyam with red lotus like eyes cool to the devotees and red with fury scorching to the enemies .”
“Do not think for a moment that we were deceived by your garb as a Gopala because we knew that you are the supreme Lord Narayana who will grant our wishes. Therefore I said ‘naaraayananE namkkE paRai tharuvaan.’ Our wish was to unite with you and the austerities to make the rain come is only a pretext.”
The Lord said, “Godha , the Ayarpadi is the world and you have served as the acharya for those who are simple devotees blessed with the wealth of devotion. This path shown by you is the real maargaseersha , the head of all paths.”

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