Aladdin lamp – Sanskrit joke

एक: दरिद्र: मार्गे एक: दीप: दृष्टवान् | तं स्वीकृत्य मार्जनं कृतवान् | बृहत् विस्फोटकम् अभवत् | तत्रैव स:मृतवान |


सर्वं अल्लादिनस्य न किञ्चित् मुजाहिदीनस्य अपि | 😂

सार्वजनिक सुरक्षार्थं प्रवृत्तं |

A poor man found a lamp on road.
He took it and rubbed it.
There was a big blast.
He died on the spot.

Not everything belongs to Alladin, some belong to Mujahiddin too.
Circulated for public safety

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