MANI MANJARI by Sri Narayana Panditacharya




Sri Narayana Panditacharya

Atah Pratamah Sargaha

Vande Govindamaananda Jnanadeham patim sriyam
Srimad anandatirtharya vallabham paramaksharam

I bow to Govinda (1) whose Svarupa is Divine bliss and Knowledge (2), Consort of Lakshmi and the Lord of Srimadanandatirtha and who is Supreme and indestructible in any sense (3).


1. Govinda – Govinda is not merely a name as is in our case; but it means that he is "Veda Pratipadya" – all the Vedas without any exception proclaim His auspicious attributes.
2. There is no difference between whatsoever between His ‘Svarupa’ (Atma)-(Guni) and His auspicious attributes (Guna) like bliss and knowledge.
3. Destruction is four fold – ie. Loss of Very ‘Svarupa’, Loss of eternal body, Sorrowfulness and Imperfection. The Lord is devoid of all these flaws.

Sasarja Bhaghavavnadau tringunam prakruteh parah
Mahatattvam tato vishnuh srustavan brahmapastunum

First, Bhagavan created three gunas (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) from Jada prakriti (4). From them, Bhagavan Vishnu created Mahatattva, which is the body (5) of Virinchi (Chaturmukha Brahma).


4. ‘Jada Prakriti’ or ‘Mula prakriti’ (Material cause of the world) is not created in the true sense. It is beginingless and endless (anaadi nitya).
5. Body of Virinchi means, the Mahatattva is patronised by him is Virinchi is the Patron deity for ‘Mahatattva’ (Abhimani Devata).

Mahattattvadahankaram sasarja siva vigraham
Daivandehanmana h khani kham ca sa trividhattatah

From Mahatattva, Bhagavan Narayana created Ahamkara tattva, the body of Siva (ie. Siva is the patron deity for Ahamkara Tattva). From this three – fold ahamkara tattva, He created the bodies of all deities (Devatas), Mind (Manas), Sense organs (Indriyas) and Space (Bhutakasha).

Akasadasrujadvaayum vayostejo vyajijanat
Tejasah salilam tasmatprithivimasrujadavibhunah

Omnipotent Narayana created air (Vayu) from space, heat from air, water (Salila) from heat (Tejas), Earth (Prithvi) from water.

Tatah kutasthasthamasrujadvidhim brahmandavigraham
tasminstu Bhagavan bhuyo bhuvanani chaturdasa Tatah kutastha

From the above twenty four tattvas, Bhagavan created Chaturmukha Brahma, who is the patron deity for the whole universe (Brahmanda), consisting of seven upper and seven lower worlds.


A brief account of creation by God is given in the above stanzas. It is elaborated further below:

Before creation, Bhagavan Narayana was lying on a diving banyan leaf in the midst of ‘Pralayadaka’ (Water) – the other form of Goddess Laksmi. She took another form by name ‘Arubhrani’ and prayed Lord that the world may be created. On her request, the Almighty Narayana manifested Himself in various forms – Vasudeva etc (5 forms), Matsya etc (10 forms), Kesava etc (24 forms), Visva etc (1000 forms) and unlimited forms (Ananta rupas). This is called ‘Atma Sristi’. All these forms are fully identical in all respects and there is no iota of difference whatsoever. Similarly, His consort Ramaa takes equal number of forms to serve her husband in those forms. This is ‘Lakshmi Sristi’. Then, Bhagavan created three ‘Gunas’ – Sattva, Rajasa and Tamasa from the original prakriti, which is beginingless and eternal and patronised by Lakshmi. These three matters are mixed in uneven proportions making them fit for further transformations. This is ‘gunatraya’ sristi. With one percent of tamas, twelve percent of rajas, and rest sattva, He created ‘mahatattva’ the body of Virinchi. Although Rajas and Tamas are present in the body, they have no effect on the Patron deity – Virincha. From that portion of Tamas and Rajas in mahatattva, Bhagavan created Ahamkara tattva and Buddhi tattva respectively. All the gunas are present in all the tattvas in some percentage. From Sattvika portion in Ahamkara tattva, He created ‘manas’ (mind) and Vaikarika ahamkara being the bodies of Devatas; so also from Rajas portion, He created Taijasa Ahamkara and ten senses and action organs (Dasendriyas) and from Tamas portion, He created fire ‘Matras’ and five ‘Bhutas’ as follows – Space with sound (Akasa – sabda) -> Air with tangibility (Vayu – Sparsha) -> Heat or light with colour (Tejas — rupa) -> Water with taste (Ap – rasa) ->Earth with odour (Prithvi – Gandha). In this manner, twenty four tattvas, bodies of all devatas and jivas with Avidya (ignorance) were created in minute forms. This is ‘Sukshma sristi’. It may be noted here that Jivas are not created in the true sense
of the word as they are beginingless and eternal.

The Twenty four tattvas are as under:

(1) Mahat (2) Ahamkara (3) Buddhi (4) Manas (5-9) Jnanendriyas – Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Skin (10-14) Karmendriyas – Speech, Hand, Limb, Arms, Genitals (15-19) Matras – Sabda, Rupa, Rasa, Gandha, Sparsha (20-24) Bhuta – space, air, light (heat), water, earth.

All these were created in minutest form.

Then, as requested by Brahma (Virinchi) out of these twenty four tattvas and with his golden divine semen, He created Brahmanda (whole world) and entered there. Thereafter, He created fourteen petalled Lotus from His navel, therefrom Chaturmukha Brahma (ie.Hiranyagarbha or Virinchi). Being satisfied with Brahma’s prayer, He further created five elements – Space etc., for forming fourteen lokas (upper and lower world) from fourteen petals of the lotus.

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