Ramaujar story part46 to 51

🌺Chapter -46🌺

This story is based on the facts taken from the book


written by



Ramanujar was listening to Tiruvayimozi explanation from Tirumalaiyandan and Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal and Periya Nambigal were sitting next to him.

A portion of Tiruvayimozi (50th hymn) was taught to Ramanujar. Which starts like this, "Poligha Poligha"(which means Glowing)
Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal was staring at Ramanujar repeatedly and Ramanujar noticed this and asked,

"Swami! Why are you staring at me! Is there anything behind this"?

The explanation of this hymn is You but nothing else, Ramanujare. Replied Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal.
Ramanujar was observing quietly.

(How is this Hymn related to Ramanujar)

Nadhamunigal obtained the Pasurams(Hymns) of Nalayira Divya Prabandam from Nammalwar under the Tamarind tree in Alwartirunagiri.
Nammalwar gave an Idol to Nadhamunigal that was irrelevant to his identity.
(Which means that Nammalwar appeared in Nadhamunigal’s dreams and asked him to take the idol)

Next day Morning.

Nammalwar’s voice could only be heard. A conversation starts between the two.

Nadhamunigal asks about the identity of the idol.
He is Bhavishyathacharya.

(Bhavishyath – Future
Acharya – Guru or Teacher.
Guru of the Future.)
He will be named as Ramanujar and he will be a Great and Divine Acharya. In his period, Sri Vaishnavism will flourish and everybody will chant the name of Lord Sri Man Narayana.He will glow brighter as a never ending Light. Because of his Grace, Sri Vaishnavism will spread everywhere and Sri Vaishnavas will be found throughout. As the Light of Sun spreads far and far likewise wherever he will go, Sri Vaishnavism will reach.

(Nammalwar has explained this as Poligha Poligha in his Pasuram or hymn.)
Nammalwar concluded with Nadhamunigal.

Ramanujar will resemble the Idol and gave the idol of Bhavishyathacharya to Nadhamunigal. He took this Idol with himself and left.

Nadhamunigal is considered to be the next important Acharya after Nammalwar according to Sri Vaishnavism.
As per 18 Sri Vaishnava Acharyas, Nadhamunigal comes on the 5th place.

While explaining Tiruvayimozi to his disciple "Uyyakkondar" about "Poligha Poligha" hymn,
He narrated how he was given the idol of Ramanujar by Nammalwar. And he asked his disciple to safeguard the idol.

Uyyakkondar narrated the same story to his disciple "Manakkala Nambi".

From him the idol reached "Alavandar Swami".

And then from Alavandar Swami,
the idol of Bhavishyathacharya came to Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal, who listened the same narration and he safeguarded the Idol.

Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal kept the Bhavishyathacharya Ramanujar’s idol safely in his residence.

All these incidents are related to "Poligha Poligha Hymn".

After this, Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal didn’t share this with anybody else.
This hymn that is related to the learning session of Ramanujar reminded Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal of the incident and he described it that too not completely.

Ramanujar understood that it was a secret that was preserved and so didn’t ask any further questions and remained quiet.

In few months, Tirumalaiyandan finished all his explanations of Tiruvayimozi.

(To be continued..)

I render my Prayers on The Divine Feet of The Great Holy Saint Srimadey Ramanujaya Namah🙏🏻
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🌸Chapter – 47🌸

What happened to the Idol of Bhavishyathacharya that passed from Nammalwar to the hands of Nadhamunigal.
The idol that resembled the identity of Ramanujar years before his birth.

After Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal’s period, many Acharyas were born to lead Sri Vaishnavism tradition.
One among them was Swami Tiruvai Mozipillai, who was the Guru of Swami Manavaala Mamunigal. During his period, there were signs of danger from the Muslim Kings who invaded Alwartirunagiri. The Sri Vaishnavas took the Nammalwar’s idol along with them. After the danger subsided,
everybody returned back to Alwartirunagiri with the idol.

In between many years passed away. Trees and bushes grew in Nammalwar’s Sannidhi (residing place) and all the other places and so Tiruvayi Mozi Pillai took the responsibility of cleaning the temple under his supervision.
The place of Nammalwar under the Tamarind tree was cleaned and dug where the idol of Bavishyathacharya Ramanujar was found.

In order to install the idol (Prathishtai), a small temple was built by Tiruvayi Mozi Pillai.
And named it as "Ramanuja Sathurvedi Mangalam". Even today we can visit this place where the Bhavishyathacharya Ramanujar’s idol is placed. This temple is individually situated from Alwartirunagiri Temple. The devotees who visit Alwartirunagiri should seek blessings from Ramanujar here.

As this Idol is placed before the birth of Ramanujar, he is not dressed in Kashaya attire like other temples. But he is adorned with simple white clothes.

Now let’s read the story based on the facts taken from AARAYIRPADI GURUPARAMPARAI written by PINBAZAGHIYA PERUMAL JEEYAR.

One day Periya Nambigal met Ramanujar and he was accompanied by ‘Alwar Tiruwarangaperumal Araiyar’
(Swami who brought Ramanujar from Kanchipuram Perarulaala Perumal to Sri Rangam)
This Swami was brought to meet Ramanujar to teach him more explanations about Tiruvayimozi and Ramanujar gladly paid his respect and he was instilled other explanations of Tiruvayimozi.

To express his immense devotion, Ramanujar used to serve warm milk to Araiyar Swami for six months as a Service towards Acharya.

Apart from this, during the month of Margazi or Markali, on the Auspicious occasion of Atthyan, Araiyar Swami used to get tired by rendering services and Ramanujar rendered services by applying turmeric all over his body and bathe him by warm water, the next day, in order to relieve his exhaustion.

(Atthyan Occasion is celebrated during the month of Markazi before 10 days of Vaikunta Ekadasi.
On the next 10 days Nalayira Divya Prabandam is sung by Rhythmic Patterns of Music (Taalam) and by way of explaining through musical instruments and some by way of Actions.

Ramanujar was rendering services this way towards Araiyar Swami.

One day Ramanujar was taken aback to see Araiyar Swami’s dull face..

(To be continued..)

I render my prayers on the Divine Feet of the Great Holy Saint Srimadey Ramanujaya Namah.
[11:50, 10/16/2016] +91 94459 53425: 🌺 Sri Ramanujar

🌸Chapter – 48🌸

This story is based on the facts taken from the book

written by



Araiyar Swami rendered services towards Sri Rangam Nam Perumal for hours and returned back exhausted. Ramanujar relieved his tiredness by applying Turmeric paste and by providing him a warm bath. He was astonished to notice a sort of dullness in Araiyar Swami’s face.

On examining Swami, he found a kind of weakness and kept aside the turmeric paste he already had with him.
He prepared a new medicine along with a fresh turmeric paste and applied all over Araiyar and gave him a warm bath.
Araiyar Swami was extremely pleased by the concern shown by Ramanujar and uttered these words,

"Ramanujare! Your Care and Attention has captivated my Heart and I m overwhelmed by your affection and kindness towards me.
So, I want to share and teach a Mantra".

Ramanujare! A teacher (Guru) is the foremost of all. You should never forget this.
As said by Madurakavi Alwar, "Deivu Matruariyen" that implies ‘No God is superior than a Teacher(Acharya)’.

Guruve Parabrahmam!
"I am forever surrendered to my Guru (Acharya).
To attain the righteous path, one should surrender to his Acharya".

As said by Alwar "Ariyadan Arivittha" which means that ‘Everything is possible by Acharya Himself’.

"Peethakavadaipranar Brahma Guruvaki Vandhu" also uttered by Alwar that clearly defines that ‘Acharya is the live form of God.
We should see God in the form of Acharya’.

Ramanujar was very elated to hear such an explanation from Araiyar Swami.

A rich man gives all his wealth to his heirs after his death.
To make sure that it reaches them, he allocates trustworthy people who distribute it accordingly to his children after his death.


Alavandar Swami explained and taught all the Sri Vaishnava Traditions and the importance of Sri Vaishnava Cultures to his disciples and ordered each of them to instill them to Ramanujar.

Even though,
Periya Nambigal performed Samasrayana for Ramanujar and taught him many Sri Vaishnava traditions,

Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal,


Tiruvarangaperumal Araiyar,

Tirumalai Nambigal

and many more were his Acharyas who gave him various explanations and taught him Divine Slokas and Mantras.

Since Ramanujar’s birth was for a special and specific reason,

All his disciples considered themselves to be very fortunate to surrender on his feet.


All the Acharyas who taught Ramanujar considered themselves lucky to be His Guru.

On the middle of one evening, Ramanujar was glowing bright like a Ruby Stone and the brightness spread all over and he was worshipped by all sides.

Ramanujar also wrote a book called "Kathyatrayam" and another book called
"Nithya Tiruvaradhanapadi".

(That means how to worship or do pujas to the Bhagavan or God everyday)

Ramanujar was doing a great job in the administration of the Sri Rangam Temple.
If the people rendering services towards Perumal, commit any mistakes, Ramanujar immediately corrected them.

There was a person who didn’t like this and created a plot against Ramanujar.

What was the Plot?

(To be continued..)

I render my Prayers on the Divine Feet of the Great Holy Saint Srimadey Ramanujaya Namah.
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🌸Chapter -49🌸

This story is based on the facts taken from the book


written by


Ramanujar was very strict in the administration of the Sri Rangam Temple.
Some people who disliked this made a conspiracy to bring him down.


As per the life of a Saint, he should live on alms of others. Similarly, Ramanujar use to eat his food by visiting a house everyday. A day before, the lady of the house express her gratitude to provide food to Ramanujar and request him to visit their house.

Next morning, the lady wakes up early, finishes cooking and serve to the Perumal in their house and wait for Ramanujar’s arrival. After serving Him only, they eat.

This happened everyday.

In between this, a person who rendered services in Sri Rangam Temple ordered to mix poison to the food that was to be served to Ramanujar.

The owner of the house ordered his wife to do the same. But she refused to do so.
Then, he threatened his wife and she had to listen to him as she had no other option.

In few minutes, Ramanujar appeared on the doorsteps of that house. While serving food to Ramanujar, the lady’s eyes were filled with tears and she refused to give him food by hiding it.

As Ramanujar noticed a difference in her behaviour while serving food,he was surprised to see her weeping. He realised that there was something wrong going on and he discarded the food in The Cauvery River and slept empty stomach that night.

He decided not to go to anybody’s house for alms and kept fasting everyday.

Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal came to know about this and reached Sri Rangam immediately. It was an afternoon. Everybody including Ramanujar reached at the banks of Cauvery River to welcome Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal. And all of them sought his blessings.

It was a scorching day and the sands were scalding.
Ramanujar bowed down on Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal’s Holy feet.
Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal didn’t ask him to get up and remained silent.
A Sri Vaishnava called ‘Kittampiyachan’ who was witnessing this got angry and yelled at Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal for not treating Ramanujar properly.

"The one who will be annoyed on seeing Ramanujar’s Disappointment ,
the one who will get furious,
the one who is affected, is the Ideal Person to serve food to Ramanujar.
Hereafter, you should take responsibility of cooking food for Ramanujar.
I did so just to know who is truly concerned about Ramanujar".
Said Tirukoshtiyur Nambigal.

From that day onwards, Kittampiyachan took the responsibility of cooking food for Ramanujar in his residing place.

One day, a Brahmin along with his disciples was heading towards the Jeeyar Mutt (Monastery of Ramanujar).All were surprised to see them and so the people of Sri Rangam followed the Brahmin.

The Brahmin and his disciples were eagerly waiting outside the monastery of Ramanujar to meet him.

🌸Chapter – 50🌸

This story is based on the facts taken from the book


written by


The Brahmin along with his disciples was eagerly waiting outside the monastery to meet Ramanujar.
Before Ramanujar agrees to meet this Brahmin, let’s see his introduction.
His name is Yagnamoorthy. Being a Scholar of great repute, he took bathe in The Ganges and He had won several Vidvans (scholars) and was an Advaita Sanyasi. He had a major Shishya following. He challenged that nobody can win a debate with him.
He heard about Ramanujar and to win a debate with him, he came down to Sri Rangam.

The Ideal religion among the Six Religions is "Vishistadvaita" was Ramanujar’s strong belief.

In objection to his opinion, Yagnamoorthy strongly believed that "Advaita" was ideal.

Now , Ramanujar agreed to meet Yagnamoorthy.
Let’s see what happens inside the Monastery.

Yagnamoorthy went inside. And questioned Ramanujare! "I want you to debate with me. Are you ready for an argument"?

"I am ready, replied Ramanujar.
If you lose, what will you do"? Asked in return.

"If I lose, I ll place your Wooden Footwear (padharatchai, that Ramanujar used to wear on his feet) on my Head. Not only this, I will accept and follow the Vishistadvaita Path shown by you".
Replied Yagnamoorthy.

"If I lose, I will stop preaching Vishistadvaita", agreed Ramanujar.

An argument started between the two. The agreement was to complete the debate in 18 days.
16 days passed.
It was a mutual debate with either winner or loser.

On the 17th day, Yagnamoorthy was confident and presented his arguments convincingly.
It seemed as if he would emerge as a winner. Yagnamoorthy was very happy about his nearing victory.
Ramanujar was in a dejected state of mind.
At his monastery, he performed his evening Aradhana to his ‘Perarulaala Perumal’ and prayed by expressing his remorse for his inability to present his views.

Oh God! From the time of Alwars till the period of Alavandar Swami, Vishishtadvaita flourished well and now I have taken the highest responsibility to preach it. But an Advaita Scholar is trying to bring me down. And you are trying to play a game with me".
Ramanujar went to sleep without taking any food.

Ramanujar had a dream that night.

In that dream,what happened?

Let’s wait.

🌸 Chapter -51 🌸

This story is based on the facts taken from the book


written by



Perarulaala Perumal appeared in Ramanujar’s dreams.

Ramanujare! Why are you worrying? I have planned this just for a cause. I want such a great Scholar Yagnamoorthy, to surrender himself as your disciple. You place your arguments based on Mayavadha Kandanam composed by Your Acharya Alavandar Swami. Then, it will be easier for you to win Yagnamoorthy. And his dream vanished.
Ramanujar woke up by chanting Hari Sloka and he was extremely pleased with the fact that Perumal guided him and he decided to act accordingly. He soon finished off his daily sacraments and rendered his obeisance to Perarulaala Perumal and reached the place where the argument was carried.

Yagnamoorthy was surprised to see Ramanujar’s new energy and confidence.
Ramanujar who went crestfallen, has returned back so boldly. He is surely backed by Perumal and Yagnamoorthy decided to surrender at Ramanujar’s feet.

Yagnamoorthy was blessed with Satvik (good) qualities. So he realised his mistake and fell at Ramanujar’s feet and placed his holy wooden footwear (padhukas) of on his head.

He said,

"Ramanujare! Please accept me as your disciple. Please show mercy on me and bless me".

Ramanujar was astonished.

"Yagnamoorthyare! I haven’t began my argument. Before that, you surrendered. You can put forth your arguments".
Answered Ramanujar.

My Lord, I know you are abundantly blessed by the Sri Rangam Moolavar, Periya Perumal (Chief diety) and so for me you both are same.
I will not dare to argue with you. Politely replied Yagnamoorthy.
Ramanujar was happy and said,

Yagnamoorthyare! You can take my words as a humble advice and instilled all that he wanted to teach him by blessing him.

Then Yagnamoorthy took the Tritandam of Advaita and broke a piece of it and placed it on the feet of Ramanujar. And pleaded,
"Please bless me with Tritandam and Kashyam".

Ramanujar readily accepted.

As he preached a different philosophy, he was cleansed from all his sins and as a part of purification, he was performed Samasrayana. And he was named as

Arulaala Perumal Emperumanar

And blessed him a Divine Life of a Monk.

[As Ramanujar was guided by Perarulaala Perumal in his dreams and so Yagnamoorthy was named as Arulaala Perumal

On the beginning of the challenge, if Yagnamoorthy loses, then he accepted to change his name as Ramanujar. So he was bestowed as 'Emperumanar']

And finally by combining the two names, he got
"Arulaala Perumal Emperumanar"

Then, Ramanujar took Arulaala Perumal Emperumanar to worship Sri Rangam Perumal.

And also Ramanujar made him worship Perarulaala Perumal idol that he has been worshipping in his Monastery.

Ramanujar narrated how Perumal appeared on his dreams and directed him to accept ‘Arulaala Perumal Emperumanar’ as his disciple.
And ate the food (Prasadam) that was offered to the Perumal and also gave to ‘Arulaala Perumal Emperumanar’.

Ramanujar taught him Nalayira Divya Prabandam and all the other important Sri Vaishnava traditions and cultures.

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