Jeevan anand policy – Sanskrit Joke

पत्नी एल् ऐ सी सेवकी | सा चित्रकार: कृते स्वचित्राकृतिं दत्वा, चित्रे कण्ठस्योपरि एक: अमूल्य कण्ठभूषणचित्रं लिखतु इति उक्तवती | चित्रकार: कारणं पृष्टवान् | सा एवं उक्तवती – यदि अहं परागच्छामि मम पति: पुन: विवाहं करिष्यति , नव पत्नी एतत् चित्रं दृष्ट्वा अमूल्य कण्ठभूषणचित्रं अन्वेषणं करिष्यति | तौ उभौ युद्धं करिष्याव: | तदा मम आत्मा शान्ति: अनुभविष्यति |

एतदेव – जीवन् आनन्द् पालिसि – जीवेन सह, जीवन अनन्तरमपि 😜😜😜

Wife is a LIC employee. She went to a portrait painter to get her painting done. She asked him to add a ten lakh necklace to her neck on the portrait (though she was not wearing it).. The painter asked why she wanted it in her picture. She replied.. "if I die, my husband will marry again. The new wife will see this picture and will search for this necklace. They both will fight and that’s when my soul will find real peace 😝"
This is called ~ Jeevan anand policy…. "zindagi ke saath bhi, zindagi ke baad bhi"!!

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