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I was told about this special temple recently by an elder Nampoothiri who was working as priest in the same temple earlier. He told if possible to worship in the temple in any of my visits to native Kerala. So in the recent visit to Kerala itself I thought visiting this temple near to Irinjalakkuda. This visit was along with my visit to Kootal manikkam temple, Irinjalakkuta. My first visit was to this temple.

The specialty with the temple is the 12 manifestations of Mahavishnu are enshrined here, prime deity being Mahavishnu. It is the ONLY TEMPLE IN INDIA having the twelve manifestations in the form of deities. The twelve manifestations are recalled by us(Brahmins) every day during Sandhyavandanam along with Aachamanam and we also offer Arghyam after offering to navagrahas during sandhya.

Yes. The manifestations are Kesava, Narayana, Madhava, Govinda, Vishnu, Madhusidhana, Trivikrama, Vamana, sreedhara, Rishikesa, Padmanabha and Damodara.

The temple opens very early in the morning and closes as early as 10 AM. So I reached the temple by about 7. 30 AM. The nearest well known places are Nellayi and Irinjalakkuda and the temple is taking a right turn for about 5 KM from a junction before reaching Irnjalakkuta(BEFORE THE BIG CHURCH on left side). I miss the name of the junction.

The temple is very famous and renovations are partially completed. It is a private temple and managed now by the local people. The temple is large. For some time I was told it was under Devaswam board earlier.

Near sanctum just outside close to entrance on the right side Vigneswara is installed. We have to start worshipping from Vigneswara. The small Mahaganapathi reminded me the KOTTARAKKARA TEMPLE, where he is installed in the same manner by the side of main sanctum.

The 12 manifestations are installed in separate sanctum in the North and west side in the order. Path way is there to reach each sanctum. By worshipping in the temple sins committed in earlier births are cleared- I found a display in the temple.

The temple staffs are most cooperative which has to be specially told. During the time of my visit it was morning deeparadhana time, and pooja was going on. The sopana sangeetham played along with edaikka was praising the different manifestations. It attracted me very much. pooja took a long time and completed with Deepradhana.

I was given certain leaflets from the temple. This posting is copying much information from it.


Gopala Krishnan Dated 25-10-2015

1. Introduction

The cultural heritage of Kerala is well known in the history of the holy land. Kerala was divided in to 64 gramams earlier and Irinjalakkuda gramam was one among them with prosperity, peace and calm. Anandapuram is part of this gram. The legendary Sri Mahavishnu Kshethram of Anandapuram retains the prosperity of the village. The temple plays an important role in the religion and cultural life of the people.

2. Main Deities

This is the only temple in India with Dwadasa nama (12 manifestations of mahavishnu). The presiding deity of the temple is the Anandapurathappan- Mahavishnu. The respective rasies ruling the 12 manifestations are in the order Keasava- Mesham, Narayana- Edavam … ending Damodara- Meenam.

One can see the Adimoola Ganapathi and Lord Siva on the left and right of Lord Vishnu respectively. We also have another sanctum where Lord Krishna is seen with his 16 romantic poses. (These are small idols)

3. Other deities

Other deities installed are Durga, Sastha, inside the inner prakaram. Outside with in the premises installed are Nagaraja, Rakshas, Muneeswara, Kshethrapala,

4. Poojas

The special offering conducted in the temple are INAPPUDAVA, NAZHIYUM PIDIYUM AND DWADASA NAMA POOJA.

Inappudava is adorned to deity to get a worthy spouse by maidens.

Nazhiyum pidiyum is to propitiate all the gods and helps to get rid of all evils and increase one’s good fortune. It removes any obstacles that bars marriage and helps to beget children also.

DWASASAMSAPOOJA is to the 12 manifestations – So the pooja takes 12 months to complete a cycle . It is performed on the birth star of the devotee for twelve months. So in a month for all devotees born on 27 stars pooja is given to one manifestation. This is to over come munjanma papam if any. Once the pooja has commenced starting with Kesava, with a list of devotees another one year is required to start another pooja. The last pooja for Damodara meenam rasi is special and devotee has to attend .

5. Renovations

The renovation works are progress. Nadappura, Dwajasthambam, Gopuram,are already completed. Other works are going on.

6. Address

Sri Mahavishnu temple

PO Anandapuram

Trichur District- Kerala state Pin 68-323

7. Phone number- 0480-2882839 and Mobile 9349093750.

8. General

One can contact the phone to get actual location etc. There are no restaurants close to temple. One has to come to Irinjalakkuta. Since I desired to come early I had my morning breakfast on the high way side restaurant, while starting from Ernakulam.

9 Prayers

Durvaram dwadasaram


Shasti parvabhi veetham

Sambramryud krooravegam

kshanamanu jagada

chhidya sandhavamanam

chakram thae kaalaroopam


twath padaikavalambam

Vishno !Karunya sindho!

Aandaapurapathae pahi sarvamayoghal

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