Tyagraja Krithis App for Android and Apple mobile devices

Courtesy:Sri.Jayaram Haravu

Dear Sri. Ramesh

I am very happy to announce that of 108 krithis of Tyagaraja in the mobile App called Krithis is now available both on Android and Apple IOS. Those interested, please go to the Google Play store or the Apple store and search for Krithis. The app’s icon is a postage stamp that was issued by the Govt., of India to commemorate the Saint musician. The App can now be downloaded and installed.

The description of the App is given below:

The App contains insightful commentaries that describe the subtleties and nuances of 108 krithis of Tyagaraja. Each krithi has been sung by a well-known singer who voluntered to sing for the App in its original form as a CD application developed in 1996-98. Entries for each krithi include details such as Raga, Tala, Theme, Vocalist, Lyrical content (meanings of Telugu words used in the krithi), Notes, Summary of the krithi. The App preserves the krithi and other details as present in the CD application which became outdated due to a change in the technology then used. Special Commentaries written by Sri. B R C Iyengar (now late) elucidate the speciality of the krithi, where in a concert it might be fitted to be sung, and often the mood of the Saint Composer.. The App is useful to teachers and learners of vocal Carnatic music. It is also valuable for music lovers as they are able to better appreciate the lyric and song. An informative audio-visual slide-show appears right at the top of the list of krithis in the App. The slide show describes, the background, life, works and the spiritual mission that drove the composer musician.

Your comments are welcome.

You may like to bring this App to the notice of members in your group. I would appreciate knowing from those who download and install the App.


Jayaram Haravu

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One Response to Tyagraja Krithis App for Android and Apple mobile devices

  1. BALAJI says:

    Have installed the app in my phone and enjoy the thyagaraja krithis both while commuting and at work. Great work. Highly recommended.

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