Vessel cleaning – Periyavaa

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara – Over the past few days, in the Golden Quotes we have been seeing the need for one to indulge in physical kainkaryams (activities). Here Sri Periyava leads by shining example despite having trillion other things to do. Very very humbling!! Periyava Periyava Periyava…..
Thanks to Shri Anand Ramaswamy for the share. Ram Ram
Come, let’s both clean the vessels!
On one particular day, the responsibility of cleaning these vessels fell on a person by name, Mappillai Ramamurthi, who settled down to go about his hard task. Suddenly he saw Periyava so he stood up in regard. Periyava inquired, “so many vessels, are you going to clean them all by yourself?” Ramamurthi replied, “Yes, Periyava, but it is alright since I consider this as a blessing.”
Appreciating Ramamurthi’s devotion, Periyava said, “very good, but it’s a tough and time-consuming job, hence you will not be able to eat your lunch in time. So let me do one thing, I will try to help you. Here, I will give you a hand and let’s both clean the vessels, and complete the work quickly.” Ramamurthi was shocked at this and said, “No, no, Periyava should not perform such things; Periyava should rather go and take some rest.” Periyava then said, “Why? Why should I not do these things, am I also not a kinkara to Srimad Chandramoulishwara? It’s my great fortune, too, to do this work. Come, let’s not waste any more time and get started now!”
Ramamurthi had no words to reply; he quietly submitted to Periyava’s instruction and as he cleaned the vessels, Periyava would wash them and lay them out to dry.
Where else can we see such devotion! The shastras proclaim that our most dearest is we ourselves since the true connection is with the Atman, and not to anyone or anywhere outside. Only because Periyava was Srimad Chandramoulishwara incarnate, He demonstrated such devotion towards His true Self!
Courtesy: Ganesa Sharma

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